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As you can see from the photo, we are enjoying some sunny days in the magickal garden. Sonya is in one of her favorite spots near the catnip patch. The bees love the blossoms so much, I haven’t the heart to cut the plant back!




The first tomato has started to turn red, and soon I will be drowning in tomatoes….which is OK!! The beans are climbing up the bean poles and summer’s bounty is about to arrive! 



I’m sure you are aware that herbs have magickal properties, but did you know that foods do as well? According to Witchipedia (love that name! hahaha) http://www.witchipedia.com/herb:tomato:

Tomatoes are associated with Venus and with Aphrodite and Hera. This plant is feminine in nature.

The presence of a tomato help protect from negative influences. Putting one on the window sill will prevent evil from entering the house.

Eating the fruit inspires love and passion. It is a good addition to romantic dinners and also good to eat to inspire creativity.

A much anticipated summer treat, tomatoes are suitable offerings for first harvest festivals and are especially suitable for Native American deities.

Although the flavor is completely different, tomatoes can be used in place of apples in many magical spells. They can also be used in place of other members of the nightshade family.


Click on the tab at the top of this page to visit the magickal garden and see what else we are growing. I have listed the magickal properties for some of my herbs. 



Schatzi in the shade of the artichoke plant.



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