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During the time of the new moon we made our wish list of those things that we most wanted to bring into our lives. As the moon grows larger, until it becomes full, it is waxing and is a good time to “grow” or “increase”. When you apply that idea to the things you want to manifest, the energy of this moon period will nurture and “grow” your wishes. Just think of the new moon as a time when you planted a seed. If you were to walk away and pay no more attention to the seed it might or might not grow. If you really wanted to make sure the seed grew, you would water it and protect it so that your chances of the seed becoming a mature plant would really increase. So it is with manifesting. Nurture your dreams and they are more likely to bloom and grow.


On Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 the moon will reach the first quarter of this moon cycle. This is an excellent time to do the following in regards to helping your wishes become reality:

If you choose, light a green or white candle and call upon the angels of the waxing moon.


Take out the wish list you made at the new moon and read it over.

Visualize your wishes one at a time as if they were already there in front of you on a mini movie screen.  As you visualize each manifestation raise your hands in front of you and send energy from your hands to the vision on the movie screen. You are “growing” your wish in this way. Be sure not to stress over a feeling of lack and anxiety at not yet having what you want. You must focus on the sense of joy at seeing that wish happen. Then imagine that you are breathing in the image on the screen and internalizing your wish. Go ahead, take a deep breath and breathe it in! Feel yourself vacuuming the vision right into your chest. You have just internalized the energy of your wish. Do this for each of your ten wishes on your New Moon Manifesting List.


Another technique that you can do, either in addition to or instead of the first technique, is to visualize each wish on the top surface of a glass of drinking water. This is almost like scrying, only you are consciously seeing your vision in the water. Give energy to the water vision with your hands, as in the first technique, and then drink the glass of water. This is also a good way to hydrate yourself! Being hydrated is especially important when you are doing work of a spiritual nature, but you might want to make sure the glasses of water aren’t too big, especially if you have ten wishes.


So there you have it! Give it a try, and see how much faster your wishes come true!









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I am reaching the conclusion that I need to switch systems!

Free Sidereal Astrology

Why Astrology Is Important.

When the Sun sends off a solar flare… we feel it.  Our whole planet heats up! As well as the rest of the solar system! Did you know that recently every planet in the solar system as far out as Pluto has been heating up?  It isn’t just Earth.

Great Global Warming Swindle

We all know that the Moon dictates the tides for the whole planet and people stipulate that it also affects us, “people go crazy when it’s a full moon,” because we are also made out of a huge percentage of water.

The Journal of Psychology: The Effects of the Full Moon on Human Behavior

When a star implodes to cause a black hole – anywhere in our solar system – we feel it. However minimally it may actually influence us, scientists still calculate that the energy will always reach earth. Don’t you think…

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metatron's cube 2


Use the Energy of the Moon to Revitalize Your Life!

The new moon phase is an excellent time to give birth to new ideas and projects. It’s also a great time to write a wish list of those things you would most like to bring into your life. Writing a manifesting wish list, along with creating vision boards can get amazing results. Give it a try! You may be pleasantly surprised at the positive energy you generate to help realize your dreams!

The next new moon manifesting should take place on: August 25 at 7:12 am PDT until August 27 at 2:54 pm PDT (refer to your time zone for your personal time to manifest)

The moon will be in the sign: Virgo

This sign makes it a good time to manifest in the areas of: Physical health/diet/exercise, work/job, efficient organizing, clear discrimination, helpfulness, order.

Set the scene by lighting a silver or dark blue/violet candle and burning some clary sage, lemon balm or honeysuckle incense. Call on Archangel Metatron-the hardworking, industrious, inventive, curious, serious, perfectionist to assist you in your manifesting since he works well with the Virgo energies.


  • The best time to do your manifesting is within 8 hours after the time given above (not before).
  • Wish for no more than 10 things and not less than 2.
  • You can rephrase a wish if you wish and count it as another wish (adds more power to that wish).
  • You can only wish for yourself since we all have free will.:-)
  • Handwrite your list, number each wish and sign your list.
  • You can do whatever you like with your list short of throwing it away (examples: reread it every day, sleep with it under your pillow, give it reiki, whatever…)

Note that these are not affirmations (yang), but wishes (yin). Not, “I have lots of money” (present tense – yang);but, “Idesire abundance in my finances”, or “Iwant to easily attract financial abundance.”(being receptive – yin). You can still make positive affirmations anytime you want. Please do!

     Also create a vision board or treasure map!

Resources- There are lots of books on the subject on Amazon.com! And there are a lot of websites that sell software to make vision boards.

Best time to make a vision board: New Moon in Aries (most powerful), or any new moon will do also.

Supplies: Poster board, magazines, pictures, stickers, ribbons, scissors, glue

  1. Set the scene with the candles and incense mentioned above for Metatron / Virgo
  2. Set your intent to create a vision of joy for your life. You may focus on one theme or more than one theme.
  3. Cut out images that cause you to have a strong, positive, emotional reaction.
  4. Arrange and glue the images on your poster board in a pleasing design. The board should be something that always elicits a positive and even joyous reaction whenever you see it. You can glue a photo of yourself in the center of the board.
  5. Hang your vision board in a place where you will see it often. Do not place it in a place where you feel others may criticize it or cause you to have to feel like you have to defend your board in some way.

Happy Manifesting!


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