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I’ve seen a lot on social media about creating spell bottles lately, and thought during this super moon our coven might like to create some spell bottles to help contact our spirit guides.

Have you ever wondered if you have a spirit guide? Of course you do!! Probably more than one! Some witches refer to their “familiars” who are usually spirit animals or beings who help them in their magick. However you refer to them, you have astral companions that are interested in working with you in a positive beneficial way.

We will create and enchant our spell bottles first and then use them in a guided meditation to make contact with one of our spirit guides.

These are the supplies needed to make a Spirit Guide Spell Bottle:

a small to medium jar with a flat screw-on lid

a bit of your favorite herb(s) (dried)

a small piece of your favorite gem stone(s)

a charm or image of an animal you are drawn to small enough to fit in the jar

ribbon or fabric in your favorite color(s) to decorate your jar

a small piece of paper and a pencil to create a sigil

a tea light and tea light holder

incense or smudge for blessing your ingredients

First, cleanse and bless all of your ingredients with some incense or herbal smoke.

Next place your stones, herbs and charms inside the bottle and screw on the lid.

You can then decorate the outside of the jar with your fabric and/or ribbon.

Now use your pencil and paper to create a sigil. I used the phrase “Sarina’s Spirit Guide”. Here are instructions for creating a sigil: https://themagickalcottage.com/2018/03/14/witchen-witchy-wednesday-signs-symbols-and-sigils/

Place the sigil under your spell jar to attract the energy of your spirit guide as you meditate. The personal items you placed in your jar will also act as a beacon to your guide.

Now you are ready to set your tea light in its holder on the lid of the jar and light the candle. Focus on your breath and get into a meditative state.

Here is the meditation I plan to use in our ritual, although you can certainly meditate in your own way and focus on contacting your guide:

Take three deep breaths and try to relax and breath out any tension you may be carrying in your body. Focus on your inhaling and exhaling until you are only conscious of your breath.

Feel yourself rise up out of your body. Now you are walking down a dirt path surrounded by a mist. You are not conscious of anything or anyone around you. You walk along only conscious of the rhythm of your footsteps. You suddenly realize that you are approaching a huge oak tree! The trunk of the tree is as large as a huge house. Then you see that the tree does, indeed, have doors and windows and there is light shining through the windows. You climb the stone steps and knock on the front door. The door swings slowly open , but you see no one inside.

To your right is a large winding staircase that leads to an upper floor. You climb the stairs and and find yourself in a hallway with many doors. As you walk along you see that the doors each have a name on them. You read each name as you pass by each door until you stop at a door with your name on it. You knock and hear a voice from inside say, “Come in!”

You enter the room and see two empty armchairs next to each other. The room feels comfortable and somehow familiar to you. You sit down in one of the chairs, lean your head back and close your eyes in relaxation.

Then you hear a voice speak your name. You open your eyes and see that the other chair is no longer empty! The one sitting there is one of your spirit guides. Take a few moments to get acquainted. Ask your guide questions and tell them how you are feeling and what your concerns might be.

Now it is time to leave this place. Your spirit guide assures you that they are always available to talk to when you feel the need. You can even return to this room and converse in meditation. You say your farewells and as you exit the door to the room you find yourself back in our circle. Come back to your body and when you are ready, wiggle your toes and fingers and open your eyes.

I wish you many happy times with your guides as they help you along your path. Don’t feel frustrated if you don’t make contact with them on the first try. You may not “see” things psychically but instead feel them. You may hear messages in your head but can’t put a physical face to them. That’s ok! As time passes you will get to know one or more of your guides and work with them on your magickal path.

Let me know in the comments below what you experienced with your spirit guides!

Full Moon Blessings,


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