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I finally finished up decorating my triple moon wreath I started back when I wrote my original post about creating a magickal moon wreath…..two years ago….time flies! To see the basic instructions for making these lunar wreaths click on this link: https://themagickalcottage.com/2019/07/18/witchy-craft-diy-moon-wreath/

To make the triple moon shape, I simply added two crescent shapes of the dried grapevine to the sides of a circular wreath. (I bought a pre-made circular wreath because of its added strength). I wove the star with the cotton cord by poking the cord through the spaces in the dried grapevine on the circular wreath. Joining the crescent shapes to the sides of the circular wreath took some patience …and strength. I used the cord for that but you might try using some wire (next time! 😉).

So this is what I ended up with before my project got put on the back burner:

Today I got out my trusty bottle of Tacky Glue and started tacking down any loose bits of moss.

I gathered some dried garden herbs and a few feathers and started planning how to arrange things.

The herbs were easy enough to just poke through the grapevine wreath, and if it makes you feel better you can add a drop of glue to the ends of the herbs before inserting them for added strength.

I had some yarrow I wanted to add but it was rather fragile, so I tied two bundles together, ends together, with some strong upholstery thread. Then I tied the bundles to the bottom center of the wreath.

Wrap the thread around and tie flower bundles on at the back of the wreath.

To cover the thread on the front of the wreath I glued on some short stemmed flower clusters.

The rest of the decorating was just trial and error until I got a pleasing look. Knowing me I will probably add and subtract flowers or feathers to the wreath over time. But for now I’ll call it good and say it’s finished.

As I always say, make this wreath your own! I like a woodsy natural look, but make yours as glitzy as you like. There are no rules when it’s your personal creation. Please do let me know how your wreath turned out in the comments below! And don’t forget to to subscribe to The Magickal Cottage for more witchy craft ideas!

Bright Blessings,


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Happy Summer! I have created a YouTube video tour showing what’s happening these days in the Magickal Garden. It shows my garden altars, some of my magickal herbs as well as some areas I still have plans to develop.

Here is the link to my Magickal Garden vlog:

The Magickal Garden – July, ‘21

I hope you have some time to get outside and work in your magickal garden, as well. Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments!

Green Blessings,


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Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

“Witches are healers” is one of my favorite phrases. Over time I have come to realize that all my magick must come from a place of wanting to heal.

Thirteen years ago I became a reiki master, or as I prefer to call myself, a “reiki practitioner and instructor”. When I lived in Texas I taught regular reiki classes and had a healing practice. It seemed I left all that behind when I moved out west to California.

I have taught a few classes and still use reiki every day, but lately I have felt an urge to continue to help spread reiki throughout the world …and beyond.

I have set up a new website called Sage Blossom Reiki. I have spent hours making instructional videos for whomever would like to learn reiki healing. And so I am sharing my new project with you for the highest good . I have found that distance healings and attunements can be very powerful.

if you or someone you know would be interested in learning reiki …or just finding out about reiki …please take a moment or two to check out my links!



Healing Blessings,


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