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There’s a shady spot down in the Oak and Willow Grove that has remained bare for some time. I finally acted on the inspiration to create a moon garden there.

What is a moon garden, you ask? It’s a nighttime garden with special plantings that show up well under the light of the moon. It doesn’t have to be located in the shade like mine is, but it should be in a place where you can sit alone and appreciate the moon in her different phases.

Your planting zone and soil type will determine what sort of plants go into your moon garden. You can even plant your garden in pots around a patio or balcony. What better place to charge your crystals and moon water?

In general white or light colored flowers work best along with plants with silver or variegated leaves. Any plant with “night blooming” in its name is perfect, and then there’s the ever popular moon flower vine.

Moon flower
Night blooming jasmine

So here’s a list of possible plants for your moon garden. Just remember to do a little research to make sure the plants will grow in your area.

Moonflower: Yes, it should be painfully obvious, but the Moonflower really does bloom at night. It releases a slightly lemony scent when it opens up, and during the day the white flowers are tightly shut. Some species of this climbing plant, a cousin of the Morning Glory, can get up to eight feet long*. The flowers, when open, are around 5 – 6″ in diameter.

Evening Primrose: This perennial spreads rapidly, and can cover a lot of ground for you. The pale pinkish-white flowers open at dusk, and release a sweet aroma.

Night Phlox: these pretties open up at dusk, and have a fragrance reminiscent of honey or vanilla.

Evening Stock: the tiny purple and pink flowers aren’t very fancy, but they smell divine when they open at night.

Angel’s Trumpet: Another vine, this annual spreads like crazy. Its trumpet-shaped, white flowers have a bell-like appearance when open.

Night Gladiolus: this plant isn’t actually nocturnal, but that’s when the creamy yellow flowers smell the strongest — it’s a very spicy scent that’s a glorious addition to any night garden.

Dusty Millers

Silver Thyme

Lamb’s Ears

Mugwort (Artemesia)

Silver Sage

White vegetables such as Alba eggplants or Baby Boo or Lumina pumpkins

Snow-in-Summer (this has the added bonus of silver foliage)


White Bleeding Heart

White Daffodil


Sweet Alyssum

Mock orange (the fragrance is outstanding, as well)


Night Scented Stock



Anise Hyssop



If you would like to view a video of my moon garden that’s a work in progress, click on the following link: https://youtu.be/rc6S2JmAryo

As always, put your magickal intentions into your lovely lunar garden. Perhaps burn some incense, light a candle there under the full moon, and call upon the moon goddess to bless your moon garden as you dedicate it to Her. Enjoy your wondrous creation!

Magickal 🌜Blessings,


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Lately I have been focusing on making video posts about magickal herbs and how to use them on The Magickal Cottage YouTube channel.

It’s been great to get out to the magickal herb farm and visit the plants and talk about them in person!

The first of these videos is on The Magickal Properties of Rosemary: https://youtu.be/BGBZLta2IkI

The second video is on The Magickal Properties of Calendula: https://youtu.be/pTBNo-nrE5U

I hope you enjoy these videos, and please feel free to suggest other witchy apothecary herbs for me to vlog about. I grow a LOT of plants!

Green Witch Blessings,


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