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The Fairy Garden

The Fairy Garden

Fairies, or nature elementals, are everywhere in the natural world. There are tree spirits called dryads, air sprites, undines of the water elements, gnomes of the earth…fae of many different varieties. Some fairies are reported to be helpful, if a bit fun loving, and others are not really good sorts for most of us to have hanging around.  It’s probably a good idea not to invite the fae indoors unless you have certain ones in mind and you have a positive relationship with them. Brownies are reported to be great house elementals to have indoors, but when in doubt about whether to invite an elemental indoors, don’t.

If you like keeping a garden, as I do, then encouraging the fairies to live in your garden is a great idea. They will lend their energy to the plants and create an amazing energy for you to enjoy all year round. You can do certain things to encourage fairies to live on your property, but most important to laying out the fairy welcome mat is your intention! You can make up a simple rhyme and walk around the yard repeating your charm over and over. I like to say a little fairy blessing whenever I plant something here at Angels Grove.  Even apartment dwellers can usually find a window sill or balcony on which to create a fairy garden. So don’t let lack of space stop you!

There are certain trees and flowers that are favored by the fae. Even planting a few of them will encourage the fairies to stay. Probably the tree that fairies are most crazy about is the oak. Some old oaks have hundreds of fairies living in them. Other trees sacred to fairies are the hawthorn, ash and elder. Holly protects your home and willows are sacred to the goddess. Fruit trees and especially apple trees are preferred. Roses are high on the list as well. I am a passionate rose grower and I feel the fairies’ energy very strongly each April when the roses start to bloom. Fox gloves are a traditional fairy flower, as are violets, primroses and lilacs. I planted a lilac bush a few years back and it just sat there for the longest time. Lilacs aren’t supposed to grow where I live in Texas so I knew there was a chance it wouldn’t do well. I watched and waited hoping that someday I would get at least one fragrant bloom, and this year it happened! I had been going through a very rough time emotionally and was talking to my son outside when I suddenly caught sight of a small purple bloom on the bush. I rushed over to take in its delicious fragrance! I knew that bloom was a sign from the fairies that things were going to get better in my life. I had been faithful to one of their sacred plants and they were telling me that they were looking out for me.

Some herbs worth mentioning for a fairy garden are rosemary and thyme. It is said that fairies like to use rosemary bushes to hide in. Thyme is intoxicating for fairies. Plant it liberally around your garden. There is even a variety of thyme with tiny leaves called Elfin Thyme. In fact, any plant with “fairy”, “elfin” or “sprite” in the name is worth considering for your garden. When you harvest plants from your garden be sure to ask permission from the plant or its elemental beforehand, and then be sure to give thanks.  Aine is a great goddess to get to know if you are planting a magickal garden. Gaia or any other earth or mother goddess would be excellent as well.

Need I say it? But don’t use a bunch of chemicals on your plants – especially poisons. That will indeed piss the fairies off! It is also a good idea to leave at least a small (or large) patch of your yard a little bit wild looking. Don’t be too obsessive about the weeds…not usually a problem for me! A fairy garden is a relaxed and joyous garden. Cottage gardens are ideal. Versailles would probably not be the fairy residence of choice.

With the popularity of fairies at the present time, there is a wide selection of fairy garden flags and statues. Placing a few fairies in the yard lets the fairies know that you recognize their presence. Whether or not they actually look like the beings portrayed by the garden artwork really isn’t important. They will read your intention and feel welcomed. You might even find some tiny fairies to place in your apartment window boxes.

Most pagans interact with elementals on some level due to the fact that paganism is usually Earth centered. Growing your own herbs and flowers for spells is so much better than buying them from an apothecary or on the internet. Gardens usually fail because the gardener fails to learn what they need to know about the needs of the plants they are trying to grow. Interested in learning more? Ellen Dugan has written some great books on the topic of magickal gardening. Check out Garden Witchery and Garden Witch’s Herbal.  Ellen is one of my favorite authors and writes a great blog! So do your homework, buy some flowers or seeds, and dig your hands into that beautiful soil around your house. And don’t forget to invite the fairies to help you!

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Finding the Elements That Will Enhance Your Life

The elements make up our world. We rely on them for staying alive and for working with energy in whatever way we choose. In western paganism there are four elements: earth, air, fire and water. In the Chinese system there are five elements: earth, wood, fire, water and metal. If you have studied Chinese astrology, feng shuy or Chinese health and nutrition you will have heard of their five element system.  I don’t really see any real conflict between the western system and the Chinese system. Both systems are valid and even complement each other in some instances.

The Chinese believe you should find those elements and their associations that will enhance your life based on your date and time of birth as well as your gender. I am inclined to believe that working with certain elements is a really great way to benefit your health as well as the energy work you do. For the longest time, however, I struggled with what the different systems told me I should have as a “lucky element”. I have always loved the ocean. I have a thing about mermaids and sea animals and since we moved to Texas from California I have missed the ocean so much. I love lakes and ponds and even impulsively dug a pond in my backyard one day just to be able to be near water. So why did all the different systems tell me I needed earth as my lucky element??? I decided to dig deeper to see what the deal was. I am a double fire sign with the sun and moon both in fire signs (I like fire..lots of candles in my home…fire pit in the yard…like the color red) so fire seemed to fit ok. But water…hmmm…one planet in a water sign. Very low on water in my horoscope except  that my sun and moon were in water houses (the 8th and the 12th). OK, so that might explain it somewhat. I still wanted to know more about why I had this strong connection with water.

Yesterday I remembered that there can be different ways of figuring out the Chinese lucky elements depending on who you are talking to so I decided to visit my friend Google and see what I could find out. I found a website that not only told how they figured the beneficial elements, but I finally found out why I was so drawn to water and fire. Yep, both of those elements are lucky for me. The website explained that I am, indeed, a metal person (which I knew) but I am a STRONG metal person. Since I am strong in that element I need elements that will reduce my metal or I’ll overdose on metal…who knew? Water and fire reduce metal. Yay! Now I know that my surrounding myself with candles and mermaids is a good thing! I knew it was, but wanted to know why. That’s how I am. You can be a weak metal person and then your lucky elements would indeed be earth and metal.

Want to find out your lucky element? Here is the link to that free website I mentioned:  http://www.geomancy.net/reports/free-report/freerpt-element.htm

The elements affect us whether we like it or not, so finding the colors and even the occupations and foods that will make us healthy and happy is worth looking into. Your best element could even tell you what kind of energy or even dieties you should work with in the most beneficial way and start you down a whole new path of study.



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The subject of ethics in the practice of the Craft has been a topic of much debate. I am not thinking that I will in any way be able to voice the definitive code of ethics for all magickal practitioners in this post. Rather, I will just explore a few of the concerns that I have encountered in my practice in regards to ethical behavior.

It seems that a magickal code of ethics is very much a reflection of a person’s belief system. If there is no “karma”, no threefold law, then that is going to affect a person’s ethical behavior.   If we truly believe we can get away with murder, then there are some amongst us who would murder. Most of us have never really been pushed to our limit as far as what we can tolerate at the hands of another. It’s hard to know what we would do in the harshest of circumstances.

I generally only perform healing and abundance type magic. When I do, it is always asking for the highest good of all concerned. As I have gotten older I have come to realize that I can’t see every angle of a situation from where I am here down on Planet Earth. If someone is acting like a son-of-a-gun I generally just move on, assuming they aren’t being terribly abusive. In other words, I don’t react to every negative little thing that happens. I leave most of those things to the universe to take care of.

I do have my Achilles heel, though, and it was pointed out to me by Spirit in a recent situation that made me start thinking about the question of ethics. My failing is also my strength and that is that I am an empath. Being a healer, this is natural for me and it serves me well in my work, but sometimes I get to feeling sorry for others and I decide to “help them out” with some magick. These other people are often friends who are being “persecuted” by another person in some way and I decide to “rid them of their problems.” The most recent time I did this I was not feeling good about what I had done. I never cause bodily harm but have just steered the perpetrator in another direction for them to “learn their lesson”. Everybody will be better off, right?

When I was speaking with my friend and confidant, Celeste, about what I had done and how I wasn’t feeling so good about it, she very wisely pointed something out to me. She said that the “bad guy” who I was banishing was maybe put in my friend’s path to teach them a lesson, and that by removing them I was robbing my friend of an opportunity to learn and move further down their life path. This made sense to me because I believe we are on Earth to learn certain lessons and accomplish certain life goals so we can spiritually evolve.  Hopefully, lesson learned.

So how far can we take this? If I see someone being horribly abused am I just going to stand by and let the abuse happen so they can learn some cosmic lesson? No, I am not. I think you can take this whole practice of not interfering too far, and that’s where we as thinking, feeling beings need to make a call. People, especially magickal ones, need to step into their power and use it judiciously. There is that spark we all carry that can make us either devils or angels. Cultivating a relationship with Spirit and asking for guidance is often the key to controlling our actions and directing our thoughts for the highest good. No one ever said that this earthly path would be an easy one, but I believe we are all here because we chose to be. That is my belief, though, and that belief is what is going to shape my code of ethics.

As I change and learn, my beliefs evolve as well. That may also affect my code of ethics. I am learning to go a little easier on myself these days. I realize that when we think we have it all figured out, we still have SO much to learn!

Something to think about…



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