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New Moon:

The new moon phase is an excellent time to give birth to new ideas and projects. It’s also a great time to write a wish list of those things you would most like to bring into your life. Writing a manifesting wish list, along with creating vision boards can get amazing results. Give it a try! You may be pleasantly surprised at the positive energy you generate to help realize your dreams!


The next new moon manifesting should take place on: Nov. 13th at 4:12 PM and end on December 13th at 2:41 AM


The moon will be in the sign: Sagittarius

This sign makes it a good time to manifest in the areas of: Quest for truth, peace of mind, travel, freedom, adventure, legal issues, faith, optimism, finding solutions


Sample wish: “I want to easily find myself with more energy to accomplish all my daily tasks.”


Set the scene by lighting a purple candle and burning some spicy incense. Call on Archangel Raguel to assist you in your manifesting since he works well with the Sagittarius energies.





            *The best time to do your manifesting is within 8 hours after the time given above (not before).

            *Wish for no more than 10 things and not less than 2.

            *You can rephrase a wish if you wish and count it as another wish (adds more power to that wish).

            *You can only wish for yourself, since we all have free will.:-)

            *Handwrite your list, number each wish, and sign your list.

            *You can do whatever you like with your list short of throwing it away (examples: reread it every day, sleep with it under your pillow, give it reiki, whatever…). I put mine in a scrapbook along with a monthly vision board that I create to go with my list and keep the book where I can look at it often. That way I can focus on what I want to manifest. Remember! Your thoughts are things!


Note that these are not affirmations (yang), but wishes (yin – moon energy). Not, “I have lots of money” (present tense – yang);but, “I desire abundance in my finances”, or “I want to easily attract financial abundance.”(being receptive – yin). You can still make positive affirmations anytime you want. Please do!




Full Moon:

Full Moon Burning Bowl Ceremony

Not only is the full moon an excellent time to charge crystals (and yourself!) in the moonlight, it is also a great time to perform a burning bowl ceremony! This is a time to rid yourself of those things you are willing to give up once and for all. If you are truly motivated, then read on!


This month the full moon is exact on Dec. 28th at 4:21 AM, CDT. It will be in the sign Cancer. This is an excellent time to rid yourself of issues involving: Clinginess, feelings of insecurity, possessiveness, lack of definite goals, disease or pain of the breasts, chest, pancreas, stomach, tumors


 Here’s what you do:


Full Moon Burning Bowls

Supplies: pieces of paper, pencil, heat proof container to burn pieces of paper, matches, water (just in case!)


*Write down what you would like to get rid of on a small piece of paper. Sign and date the paper. Read what you have written aloud.

Example:” I now rid myself of the habit of procrastinating.”

*Light the paper and place it in the heatproof container.

*Visualize your “problem” going up in smoke!

*If you wish you may call upon Archangel Gabriel to be present and assist you. *You can also set the scene with the following elements:  Water, colors- turquoise or dark blue green and copper; herbs, oils, incense -chamomile and lily Be creative!



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