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I love summer….now that I’m back in California. In Texas I didn’t love it so much. The humidity and insects could be oppressive in Texas, but the worst part of Texas summer was the fact that many of the flowers and veggies I planted in spring would curl up and die as soon as the hot summer weather arrived. 

At the Magickal Cottage here in Crow Hollow, summer is a time when Mother Gaia showers us with gifts of gorgeous flowers and delicious, nourishing fruits and veggies. Summer is the time of the fire element. Think of the energy and exuberance of fire! That is summer. 

The Summer Solstice will be coming up in about a week. I am working on a plan to celebrate this time with ritual around the fire pit and a celebration of the bounty and fun of summer. In the life cycle of the year, spring is the young child, summer is the teenager and young adult, autumn is the middle aged person, and winter the elderly.

I hope you can kick off your shoes, walk barefoot in the grass and enjoy this time of year like a teenager!  Savor the firey energy of summer and feel happy to be alive!



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