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Since I associate the Apple with the month of September and Mabon, I decided to stir up a little apple kitchen witchery for our Mabon ritual this evening. I made a Spiced Applesauce Cake.

You can get the recipe here: Spiced Applesauce Cake

Apples have the magickal properties of enhancing love, wisdom, divination and access to the other world .

An old charm instructed one to pare the skin from an apple in one long piece all the while (or 3 times) chanting:

I pare this apple round and again

My sweetheart’s name to flourish plain

I fling the paring o’er my head

My sweetheart’s letter on the ground be read

When your apple peel is as long as you can get it, throw it over your shoulder and see if you see the peel landing in the shape of a letter. Your love’s initial may be revealed in this manner.

The pentacle revealed in the center of an apple also indicates the protective qualities of the apple. Slice an apple around its middle and you should see the star formed by the center area that holds the seeds. People have used the seeds in divination for love and fertility. What ways can you come up with to divine answers through the seeds?

You could assign “yes” and “no” answers to even or odd numbers of seeds. I’d love to hear what you come up with for divining with apple seeds in the comments below.

Just remember to use your own creativity when doing any kind of magick, and enjoy the magickal energy of this amazingly mystical fruit!

Bright Blessings,


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snow day 004

We are in the dark season that is slowly, very slowly turning to light. Even though my new magickal cottage is in Southern California, the seasons are noticable. In Texas when it snowed the world was suddenly muffled in a silent sea of the white stuff. People felt as thought they needed to hibernate into their warmly lit nests and pray there was no power outage. I have quickly gotten spoiled back in California. The freezing winds we have had the past few days have made me resentful at not being able to comfortably work outside. I should count my blessings!

With the family gatherings and celebrations I have become aware of something this year that should have been obvious to me before. Every year at this time amidst all the “yuletide cheer” I always am suddenly overcome with a feeling of what I call “sentimentality” or “nostalgia”. I will feel this wave come over me and I get a sense of both love and longing. For years I would be confused by these feelings which usually turned to depression. I think I now understand what may be causing these feelings in me. Sure, shorter daylight hours may be to blame, but I think it could have something to do with the time of year when we turn inward and are able to hear and see across the veil more clearly.

Samhain or All Hallows Eve is a time of the thinning of the veil where we can more clearly communicate with those who have crossed over. I have noticed, however, that the whole winter season up until the warmer weather just past Beltaine, we are more in touch with “the ancestors” and the spirit world. It makes sense when you think about it.  During the dark, cold times we are turned inward and are quiet enough to hear the voices and feel the presence of those in spirit. When I was growing up, the holidays were a time of joy and closeness for my family. This year when I felt that wave of emotion come over me I suddenly knew it was the presence of my dad and grandmother that I was sensing. I was feeling their love. It’s almost like on the other side they are aware that we are doing some celebrating and that the family will be gathered together and they want to join in and send us their love.  And, yes, I know, some of you are going to think this sounds pretty sappy. Oh, well…..

I am a trained and natural medium who does mediumship readings in my professional practice. Doing this type of reading is not scary and I don’t call my readings “seances”. Communicating with those in spirit (I don’t think of them as dead) seems very natural. Having a relative in spirit draw near and feeling their energy is a lovely experience. With practice anyone can pick up on this spirit energy. If I am picking up on the energy of a client’s dearly departed, I don’t feel the love directed at me but I sense a vibration that tells me they are there. Not until I stopped and thought about it did I realized that my holiday feelings of sentimentality were a LOT like the feelings I get when communicating with my family on the other side. Once when I was in a very discouraging  situation and seated in an office waiting in despair to speak with an official, I suddenly felt myself engulfed by what felt like total comfort and peace. I hadn’t expected this to happen; hadn’t asked for it to happen; it just happened. I realized it must have been my dad wrapping me in his “spirit love” and just telling me he was sorry I had to go through that situation.  It helped a lot, by the way.

Occasionally when I am doing a mediumship reading I will bring in a person in spirit that my client “doesn’t want to talk to”.  They want to talk to Mom and Dad shows up! I had a gentleman come to me at least twice for a reading. Dad came through and he refused to talk to him. He wanted to talk to Mom. Suggesting that a little forgiveness on his part towards his dad might be in order made no difference. The man went away disappointed that Mom wouldn’t talk to him. I’m sure you see where I’m going with this. Do you have not so fond memories of certain family members who are now in spirit? Guess what? If they were a “so and so” or even an “f-ing so and so” they are now quite aware of the fact and would like to make peace and even apologize for the way they acted. When we cross over we get a whole new perspective, and I’m not talking about fire and brimstone. We are able in spirit to experience a state of pure love; and that, my magickal friend, ….love,  is a real perspective changer!

Let’s use these times of solitude and silence to focus on being open to messages from Spirit. Like the Hermit tarot card let’s focus inward and beyond to the depths of the mysteries of our magickal lives. And should you decide to accept an apology and dole out a share of forgiveness to someone in spirit, I can’t think of a better way to start a new year.

pig with elf

New Year’s Blessings,


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Samhain or All Hallow’s Eve is often regarded as “The Witches’ New Year”. It’s a time to reflect on what has happened over the past year, and to figure out what has been working in your life and what hasn’t been working so well. You might say it is a good time to decide if you need any kind of an attitude adjustment. Facing your shadow side isn’t always easy, but to live a truly magickal life it is, from time to time, quite necessary. With the full moon on Nov. 6th this is a great time to do some magickal closet cleaning.

I’ve spoken about cleansing and clearing energy. I’ve spoken about cleaning up your clutter and smudging and candle burning, so assuming you have done all that, let’s take a look at what you might want to put into your magickal toolbox. The toolbox I am speaking of is in this case an etheric one. You can’t touch it physically on the earth plane, but it exists, none the less. Everyone has this type of toolbox, by the way. Everyone does magick whether they choose to recognize the fact or not. Remember, your thoughts are things and like attracts like. Magickal people are just, hopefully, more aware that they are creating magick. So here is a list of some of the things that I believe should be in a magickal toolbox. The list is always growing so this is just what I would like to have in my toolbox so far:

  1. The Right Attitude

I get a lot of people telling me that they would love to live a magickal life, but they need someone to “teach them how”.  I think what they are meaning is they want someone to give them some special words to say, maybe some herbs and a candle to light, so they can bring about the change they want to see in their lives.   They want love spells, money spells, healing spells, etc. and they only trust them to work if those spells came from someone else!

What we are seeing here is a lack of confidence. This would be a confidence in one’s own ability to perform magick of their own, and a belief that life really is magickally abundant in so many ways. Those positive affirmations you’ve heard tell about really do work! Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel excited and joyous inside. This doesn’t take money. It’s as simple as taking a walk outside and seeing the natural beauty all around you. I have known people who could go outside in a beautiful setting with blue skies, birds singing, butterflies, the whole bit, and all they can do is talk about how their life sucks! Unless they can open their magickal eyes they will never live a magickal life! I’ve been told, “You wouldn’t understand what I have gone through!  You have always lead a happy life!” Oh, really? You know everything about me? I just want to say, “SNAP OUT OF IT!”

Feel the joy and you will have magick in your life. A few negative thoughts can be easily canceled out by thinking one positive thought if you just make an attempt at believing. By the way, I am referring here to positive, helpful, “harm none” type of magick. People who do dark magick use the same principles in their magick except they take “joy” in causing harmful, “ego” centric, “manipulating others regardless of free will” events to occur.



  1. Focus

In this case when I say focus I mean to know exactly what you want and BE SPECIFIC. I often put off doing any kind of spell until I am clear about what it is I want to achieve. You may think that it would be easy to know what you want. But wait a minute. What you want and what you need (or would be good for you) are not always the same thing. Many a young lady has manifested a George Clooney look-alike only to have her heart broken to pieces. Did her spell work? Sure it did! She just forgot to add a few important qualifications to “his” description. Also, remember that like attracts like. She may have some work to do on herself before she will attract someone who has the qualities she values. Nobody is perfect so how can anyone attract the perfect person? Be realistic. Just like Dorothy said, “Your heart’s desire might be right in your own backyard”. Pay attention. Often times the quality that makes for someone who is truly magickally adept is knowing when NOT to use magick, and that is always a personal choice. For me, this has been one of the most challenging aspects of doing magick. I am a “take charge” kind of person and sometimes tend to charge ahead before thinking things through. Yep, focus….


  1. Energy

Anyone who has gone through Reiki training knows that they should never give up their own energy when doing a healing. Their body is just a channel for the Reiki energy to move through to do its healing work so giving any of their personal energy is not only unnecessary but not good for the practitioner. In general, giving up your own personal energy is hard on you. You need that energy to keep yourself in good health. That’s why people who steal your energy by their negativity and unfair demands make you feel so weakened and, well….crappy!

When doing magick decide on an energy source. Will you draw up energy from the Earth? Will you draw down energy from the moon? Will you ask deity, spirit, or elemental to lend you some of their energy? Will you use fire, water, air or all of the elements as an energy source? Remember to check your sources. Become familiar with the one you are asking to help. If you invite in some fairies or dragons to help out, be sure they are on your side and can be trusted. They might even think messing with you would be fun. Just saying! I’m not saying you shouldn’t ever ask these types of spirits for help. Just exercise care. I actually use Reiki energy in spells because I trust it.  During the spell be sure to focus on raising that energy and allowing it to grow as you invite it in. Let the energy merge with your intention for what you want to accomplish and you will be generating some powerful mojo!   


  1. The Ability to Release and Walk Away

How often have we put out an intention or said a positive affirmation only to turn around and worry about whether or not our wish will come true? We are sending out an order to the universe to fill, only to grab the order back again. Imagine filling out a catalog order form with all kinds of great things listed on it that you are so anxious to get. You have paid for your order with a gift certificate that you received from the universe and placed the order form with the gift card payment in a stamped envelope. Then you fail to mail the envelope! Will you ever receive the stuff you ordered?? Nope. Not until you mail the envelope and walk away. If you go back to the post box and grab the envelop back it won’t get where it needs to go either. Only when you post the envelope and walk away, trusting that the postal service will deliver your order, can you have any hope of receiving what you want.

It’s like that with magick. We need to not only release the energy with our intention for the spell to work, but we need to also walk away. As you generate the energy for the magick you wish to create, intend that the energy be released. Then end your magickal session and walk away or forget about it until you see a sign that you are bringing about your desire. Then be joyful, say “thank you” and continue to “walk away”. You will be amazed at how effective this one “tool” can be. It takes practice but it is well worth the effort involved!


  1. Humility

Know that you will sometimes goof up with your magick. I have plenty of times and probably will continue to do so. Hopefully I have learned a few lessons along the way. If you aren’t humble and can’t admit when something has gone wrong with a magickal work then you won’t grow as fast as a magickal practitioner. Exercise restraint, and when it comes to magick, “When in doubt, don’t!” No one can be all knowing, but taking the time to use your powers of discernment can keep you from making some big magickal mistakes. Sometimes you will be doing magick out of the goodness of your heart not realizing you have not been told the complete truth about a situation. I had that happen to me and I suffered a big karmic backlash! That’s just the way it works, so exercise restraint and have humility about what you are doing.

I love Terry Pratchett’s delightful magickal novels, and would like to close this post with an excerpt from The Wee Free Men. I feel this passage exemplifies what I have been touching on in this article.
The passage is a conversation between the witch, Miss Tick and the young girl, Tiffany. Unlike Miss Tick, I do believe magick has its place in life, but I agree with her attitude of exercising restraint. 

“Once you learn about magic, I mean really LEARN about magic, learn everything you CAN learn about magic, then you’ve got the most important lesson still to learn”, said Miss Tick.

“What’s that?”

“Not to use it. Witches don’t use magic unless they really have to. It’s hard work and difficult to controi. We do other things. A witch pays attention to everything that’s going on. A witch uses her head. A witch is sure of herself. A witch always has a piece of string –“

“I always do have a piece of string!” said Tiffany. “It’s always handy!”


And, yes, string is very handy to have around! That puts me to mind of another post to write…… lol . Coming soon! Witches’ Knots, Witches’ Ladders!



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kitchen witch


The kitchen is a magickal place! One of the first forms of alchemy was cooking. Think about it: when you prepare a dish you are taking a combination of ingredients and combining them to create something entirely new. That’s what alchemy is. So simply baking a loaf of bread is a magickal act!

I love it when I combine ingredients and see them magickally change before my eyes into something delicious and nourishing. Different foods have different magickal energies and they affect us both physically and energetically when we eat them. It pays to be aware of what you put into your mouth, because you could either be helping or hurting yourself in more ways than you might imagine.

Different foods relate to the different chakra centers in our bodies. For instance, salt, nuts and grains relate to the lower chakras and can be very grounding. Each chakra is associated with a certain color, and the color of a food is often an indication of the chakra center it relates to. The table shows the chakras and their colors, so eating blueberries might help the energy of your third eye chakra.

The following link is to a site with a comprehensive list of the magickal properties of foods: Alchemy Lab. It’s interesting to look up some of your favorite foods and see how they relate to you energetically!

When preparing a meal or whipping up your favorite comfort food, it is a good idea to follow a few witchy procedures to add just the right energy to your cullinery creation. First, light a candle at your kitchen altar. You do have a kitchen altar, don’t you? A kitchen altar doesn’t have to be big or elaborate. Mine is on the window sill over the sink. I have a small lunar tealight holder that I light whenever I am about to cook a meal. Near the candle holder I have placed some small goddess related items and I have a tiny vase where I keep fresh flowers. As I light the tealight, I ask for blessings that all will turn out well, and that positive energy will be added to the food for those who eat it to enjoy.

If you want to, you can get yourself a magickal apron or or special wooden spoon (ie, kitchen wand) and really go all magickal! I found a cast iron pot that I love to cook with. Of course, it’s my cauldron, and people seem to be drawn to it when they visit my kitchen.

When combining your ingredients whether in a bowl or a pot, it’s common procedure to stir in a clockwise or deosil direction. The clockwise direction is the positive, increasing direction, sort of like the waxing moon. Stirring this way you can visualize adding goodness and deliciousness to the recipe. Remember, it’s all about your intention!

I am adding a new page to this blogsite called The Enchanted Kitchen where I will post some of my favorite recipes and their magickal properties. Stop by often to see what I am cooking up!




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unknown-little-old-ladies-dressed-as-witches-drinking-tea-53720[1]This post will be the first in a series of posts about the delightful world of teapot magick and how we can use it to enhance life in the magickal cottage. Why use a teapot in magick? If you consider the fact that a teapot is related to the cauldron in that the two are both used for brewing, then it seems natural to brew magickal tea to cast a spell. Think about it: when using teapot magick you are incorporating all four of the elements. There is fire for the heat to brew the herbs and water. There is earth from the actual teapot itself. There is water as a key ingredient in the tea, and the lovely aroma of the wonderful herbs as they waft through the air and blend with your magickal intention.

If you should decide to really get into using teapot magick on a regular basis, then I suggest you learn as much as possible about herbs and their corresponding energies. Trained herbologists are aware of the fact that not all plants should be consumed internally. Be aware of those herbs that are not for use in tea or that might cause an allergic reaction. Be especially careful if you are pregnant. Having said that, let’s get brewing!

First off you will need, of course, a teapot. I love the many different styles you see, both old and new. The teapot should hold some meaning for you. It could be a pot that belonged to your mother or grandmother. Maybe it is in an interesting shape like an animal or object that has meaning for you. The color might be appropriate to your magickal working. Put some thought into the teapot you use. It might be just a small, uncomplicated earthenware pot, and that is fine. Just make sure you resonate with your pot!
In later posts I will be giving recipes for herbal blends and the spells that accompany them. Just for the purpose of explaining the steps in a teapot spell, in this first post we will use chamomile tea to cast a spell for peace and tranquility. “But”, you say, “chamomile has a sedating effect if you drink it. That’s not a spell!” Ah, but the peace and tranquility is for you to send to another person, place or even an animal. That IS a spell.
You will need: your teapot, chamomile tea (about three teabags for an average size pot), a heat source to boil water, drinking water, a kettle to boil the water and a teacup. Ground and center yourself: take 3 cleansing breaths. You are ready to begin.
I was always taught that the proper way to brew a cup of tea is to bring the water to a boil; pour a small amount of the hot water into the teapot; swish the water around and dump it out. Then you are ready to add the teabags and fill the pot with hot water. You let the tea brew for about three minutes, depending on the tea and the desired strength.
Feel free to consecrate your pot and your tea and get as creative as you want with your intention before you start brewing. Once the tea is ready to drink, sit down in your favorite place in your favorite chair in your magickal cottage and pour yourself a cup. Inhale the aroma of the tea and enjoy just smelling it. Next, take a sip. Feel the peaceful effect of the chamomile as it warms your body and helps you relax. Now visualize who or where you want to send this peace and tranquility. Take another sip and see the person or place surrounded in a soft blue light. If the person or place appeared tense, see them relax. Now say:
Chamomile, herb of peace
Lend your power to this work now, please
Send peace and tranquility to _______ this day,
To ease their stress and bring them rest along their way.
So say I, and it harm none,
This magickal teapot spell is spun!
Sit back and enjoy the rest of your tea, knowing that the magick has been released and is working for the highest good. It’s important to really feel the energy of the chamomile doing its work. You are working with the herb to bring about your magickal intention. As you relax, know that this same peace is being sent where you intended. You might want to thank the plant spirits by offering them some tea and then recycling the tea leaves to the earth.
One bonus to using teapot magick is that you can cast a spell without calling much attention to yourself. After all, many of us enjoy relaxing with a nice cup of tea. Sit and sip and cast your spell and no one will be the wiser.
In the next post I will cover what tea blends and spells you can use for psychic cleansing!

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