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Countering the Effects of Mercury Retrograde, 6/7- 7/2, 2014.

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Yes, it’s Mercury retrograde again, and the full moon just passed. Sometimes we get started on a downward spiral of thinking, “what else could go wrong?”…and then something does go wrong! I took it upon myself recently to find out all I could about countering the effects of the infamous Mercury Retrograde that hits us about 3 times a year. Honestly, sometimes people get to the point during these planetary events where they are afraid to step foot out the door!

I think that fear is our worst enemy in these cases. By the Law of Attraction we are probably doing more to bring about calamity in our lives than Mercury ever could. Mercury rules communication and movement in general, such as transportation. When a retrograde happens the influence of Mercury is lessened. Think of Mercury as being the one in control of these areas of life, and that ole’ Merc has gone on an extended coffee break. It’s like when the teacher steps out of the classroom for a minute. Some of the kids in the classroom will behave and some will not. So during a retrograde, some things will go pretty much ok or even great, and other things will “act up”. It’s unpredictable. Just rememeber, though, that  you are in charge of what your own energy and thoughts produce.

photo 2

One very useful way to counter the effects of Mercury Retrograde is to raise your personal vibration to a higher level. Higher vibrations=attracting good things to your life; and lower vibrations=attracting the things you probably don’t want. My garden is an endless source of wonderful positive energy. I have been gardening for years, and I never realized what a gorgeous flower an artichoke could become! When I saw the beautiful flower, pictured above, the other day, my energy vibration shot way up! When I got some bad news about a family member, though, my energy plummeted. It pays to be aware of what your energy is doing. Sure, we can’t be Pollyannas and ignore all the problems of life, but we can monitor our energy and make sure to do plenty to keep our vibration as high as possible.

It might be best to avoid the evening news during these stressful times. Watch an old movie that is just heartwarming, and snuggle with your family and animal friends. “Life really IS good”. That should be our mantra during a retrograde. And remember….this, too, shall pass!




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