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Last week our dog, Zoe, became very ill. We spared no expense to have her tested and treated with medicines, but it was her time to move on. She was 11 years old and she just couldn’t fight off her illness.

I gave Zoe a lot of reiki this past week and it really seemed to help her. She liked it, too. She never really liked it when she was well, unlike Tex and Frisco our other shepherds now in Spirit, who were reiki junkies! Reiki made Zoe nervous. It seemed weird and she was a dog that did not appreciate anything that was out of the ordinary….a lot like some people, I guess.

Tex used to come stop by my chair at the breakfast table each morning and I would place a hand on his back. He would stay for a minute or two and when he had gotten his “reiki fix” he would just quietly move on without any kind of acknowledgement.

Yesterday afternoon I had Zoe on the couch and I knew she was dying. I was very upset but knew it was time to take her to the vet. During all this, my phone rang and it was a former client. I declined the call and saw a moment later that he had left a message. I didn’t listen to the message until we were on our way home from the vet and Zoe was at peace. He was actually asking if I knew anyone who did animal reiki because someone had an elderly dog who needed it. I knew I couldn’t hold a conversation with anyone at that moment, so about an hour later I decided to text him. I said I would do the reiki for the dog at no charge.

As it turned out, when he texted me back, he and the dog and the owners were at the vet and the dog was about to be euthanized. He asked if I was an animal communicator, and I just asked where they were and the dog’s name. I said I would send the dog reiki. As soon as I started to send it, I could feel it going very strongly. Then a few moments later I felt a kind of release. My client texted me back thanking me. He said the dog had regained consciousness long enough for the owners to say their good-byes.

My client and the owners were very grateful, but ending a trying day in this way inspired a feeling of gratitude in me as well. I am suddenly feeling grateful for a lot of things: all the great times we have had with our pets, our family and friends and even all the material things we have that our ancestors never would have dreamed of. Talking with my sister yesterday, she was telling me about a new book that she felt was very powerful. The book points out that the key to a magical life is to cultivate a feeling of gratitude. Whatever comes along, whether it may seem good or bad, if we can say, “thank you,” we will have made some profound progress along our paths in this life.

Every night as I lay my head on my pillow I will repeat the phrase, “thank you, thank you, thank you!” My animals have all taught me some very powerful lessons about living in the moment, and for this I am very, very grateful.


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