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Me, the hubby and the cats have all settled in to our new magickal cottage and it’s been a pleasure getting to know the energy of this new place. The house is lovely and the garden is filled with roses in bloom and fresh heirloom tomatoes. I will post pictures of the new magickal garden on the garden page.

The magickal cottage in Texas is named Angels Grove. In my healing business I worked with angels and invited so many in that there was a real angelic feel that people noticed when they entered the house. For some reason I like to name my magickal cottages. I noticed they name houses in England a lot and the idea of naming a house seems like it recognizes the spirit of the place. Houses are alive with energy and so naming a home seems appropriate. I also name my brooms, my car, my garden statues….but that’s another story.

I puzzled over a fitting name for this new magickal cottage and today I gave the place a name. There is an abundance of crows living in the neighborhood and they seem to like to congregate on the slope behind the backyard wall. There is a colony of ground squirrels living there as well and the crows seem to hobnob with the squirrels pleasantly enough. I reviewed online the difference between ravens and crows to make sure these were crows because some of these birds were big dudes. These are crows. The crows seem very interested in me and my activities around the garden. I feel there is a strong elemental presence here and the energy is so strong sometimes it’s almost disturbing. However, I feel it’s a step further along my path to get to know these energies and even learn from them. 

Crows and ravens are both very magickal as totems. They deal with the mysteries of life and the secrets of manifestation. These birds are also symbolic of beneficial magick. The owl can represent any kind of magick but the crow and raven usually deal with helping energies. The crows around me now seem to be very much totems as well as emissaries from the elementals around the cottage. Crow seemed to need to be a part of the new cottage’s name. Since the house is situated at the base of a hill in a low lying area, I figured “hollow” would be appropriate as part of the name as well. So, “Crow Hollow” it is! I’m looking forward to years of new adventures along my magickal path here in this wonderful new magickal cottage!


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