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Have you ever had two friends who you couldn’t wait to have meet each other? You just knew that they would hit it off and have a lot in common?  On the other hand, have you introduced two friends to each other and realized that there was either no chemistry or some very bad vibes between the two of them? It’s almost like you could feel the energy change all around you and there was a sense of uneasiness when the two of them were together with you in the same room.

The elements all possess a certain energy. By discovering the nature of that energy and calling upon the energy to work with your own energy in spellwork, you are using the magickal correspondence of that element.  The wrong elements are not going to achieve the results you want, which is why it’s important to do your homework and check those correspondences.

I think of magickal correspondences working in the same way as those two friends of yours. When you invite all the right people (or elements) to the party, everybody hits it off and some really great energy is sent out into the atmosphere and beyond. Are you working some love magic? Find all the correspondences that relate to love. Whatever type of work you are planning to do, don’t forget to enlist other energies to help you out. Plants, colors, oils, tones, planets, astrological signs, moon phases, angels and elementals, deities and spirits; the list goes on and on. Incorporating the right ingredients with the most beneficial correspondences will lend some real punch to your magickal work. You can keep it simple with just some candle magick in the right color for your magickal goal, or get elaborate with herbs, candles, crystals, oils, sigils, etc. that have the correct correspondences and will work together harmoniously (remember those two friends?)

Following are some links to some tables of correspondences. I like to consult tables quite often. In fact I own an excellent book called The Magician’s Tables, A Complete Books of Correspondences by Alan Richardson. It gives detailed correspondences for just about any need.

Links for correspondences:




And here is my favorite link for finding the current moon phase and sign:


I find that knowing the correspondences and the energies that surround me daily helps me to understand what is going on in my life a little better. Some days I know I need to be on the defensive, and incorporating energies to protect and defend are the ones I need to call on. Other days I can relax and have fun, so using some love and happiness energies will be right. When I am in my business mode I utilize energies for abundance and financial prosperity.  In this way I can enjoy my experience here in this plane and better find my way along the path.

If you know of other links or books dealing with correspondences please feel free to share them!



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