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Angels, elementals, guides, gods and goddesses…in recent years there has been a lot of discussion about our helpers in the spirit dimension. Often we get confused over their definitions and roles in the universe and I, for one, sometimes question the source of some of the definitions. There are ancient texts that mention these beings, and to me ancient texts seem to have passed the test of time, so to speak. There is a lot of channeled information floating around these days, especially in cyber space, and some of it seems to ring true. I guess when it comes to channeled info you have to trust your intuition and the advice of your own guides.

Recently I read an article which contained channeled information about the roles of humans, elementals and angels that made a lot of sense. It also got me thinking about some other possibilities that might be true about the outcomes of our interactions with angels and elementals.

The first thing that the article covered was the actual roles that the three groups of beings play.  We humans were put here on Earth by the Divine Spirit to bring Paradise to this planet. Yeah, I know, we messed up somewhere along the line!  But that is our role. We are the ones that think up ideas. We are the creators and someday future gods and goddesses, because creating is one of the things that deities do so well. One might even argue that we already are gods and goddesses and we’re just here to practice our creating skills. So bringing Heaven to Earth is our job.

Elementals are our partners in the creation process. We think it up and they supply the energy to bring it into 3-D. All things on Earth, and in fact in this dimension, have an elemental assigned to take care of them. Flowers, fish, oceans, rocks, you and me….yes!….each of us is assigned an elemental to care for and supply energy to our physical bodies when living in this plane. The person that channeled this information pointed out that our personal elemental is ours for keeps whenever we are in a physical body. Between lifetimes they get to take a vacation…or a coffee break…depending on how long we are in spirit. SO…we as the creators can think thoughts that cause good health, and our elemental can make it so. Your elemental is like a battery source for your ideas. Pretty cool. This seems to explain a lot about the whole manifesting deal. Your thoughts really ARE things! Take a moment to thank your loyal elemental friend for the eons of service they have provided you!

The author of the article acknowledged how we are definitely NOT creating a paradise here on Earth. Tornados, earthquakes, famines, not to mention disease and all kinds of nastiness just happen. Well, we caused the whole mess with our thoughts. And we are also starting to straighten out some of the not so paradise-like conditions with more enlightenment and a little help from our friends. You see, the elementals are also meant to support and nurture…think of flower fairies. They are doing all they can to hold things together so we don’t blow ourselves into oblivion in the mean time. It wasn’t quite clear how we began to start with the negative thoughts that caused all the chaos in the first place. The author didn’t mention that in the article just that, after the fact, the Earth’s energy got so dense and heavy that we were no longer able to communicate so well with the angels and elementals. You might say it’s a good argument for the whole Adam and Eve story.

So where do angels fit in?  Angels are aspects of the Divine Spirit. They are Spirit’s way of bringing us and the elementals what we need in the way of peace, love, protection and whatever other aspect of Spirit we may be in need of. Angels are Spirit and yet they are separate aspects of Spirit. For one thing, angels can evolve. They evolve by serving, but they can’t get involved to serve unless asked to do so by humans or elementals. Elementals seem to have enough sense to know when to ask for help, but many humans don’t. The Earth’s  heavy atmosphere seems to make commnunication bewtween us and our spirit friends very difficult. Another thing the author mentioned was how angels seek out peaceful places with great energy to hang out when things start to get too “dark”. So if you want to have lots of angels around, make your home or garden a peaceful and beautiful place! And think as many beautiful and loving thoughts as you can, and angels will be your best buds.

Angels, elementals and humans, we are all aspects of the Divine Spirit. Everything is connected. Everything!

If you would like to read the article I read by Iasos, go to this page:




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