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Coming out on the other side of the pandemic it seems like people in general have come to appreciate being able to gather with family and friends in the physical world. Zoom served its purpose for our coven ritual gatherings, but there is nothing that replaces joining hands and exchanging hugs. The other evening eight of us gathered in the physical for the first time in a long time to hold ritual. We all appreciated the amazing energy that made for a truly magickal evening.

Now, I’m a reiki master and have been a reiki practitioner for about 15 years. I know energy can be sent over time and distance. I even use reiki in my magick! But there are times when being in close proximity to another human being makes all the difference! Let me relate our observations about the issues we faced while “zooming our rituals”.

Casting a circle presented some problems over Zoom. We decided lighting a “candle of connection” would have to do to create a circle substitute. But that wasn’t really a substitute when you consider the feeling of a shift that happens in the space around a group when a circle is cast in the usual way. At the moment the priest or priestess states with authority, “the circle is cast!”, there is suddenly a change in the energy of the area that is tangible. The feeling can be subtle but it is there! Circle casting to create sacred space seems much more effective in person.

We are a group that likes to sing our songs! We often dance ourselves dizzy as we sing, to the point of having to lay hands on the earth to ground ourselves afterwards. Try singing together over Zoom! It doesn’t work. All you end up with is a cacophony of sounds that no where near resembles the intended song! And dancing alone in front of your computer screen doesn’t cut it either.

Perhaps the most noticeable issue with a Zoom ritual is the problem of raising energy or creating a cone of power. I don’t want to imply that sending up energy from our various locations was ineffective, because it wasn’t. As individuals sending up energy towards the achievement of our petitions simultaneously, we were indeed effective. That’s why prayer chains are effective. But the great thing about circling together is the fact that you can join hands and add that physical connection that we as humans seem to need. Creating a cone of power often includes chanting or some other form of sound. Zoom can’t handle our chanting any better than it handles our singing! From the time we are born we need human touch to develop properly. We are tribal, like it or not. The added physical contact while raising energy, together as one, just feels a lot more powerful.

Sharing cakes and ale had its own set of problems. We ended up having each individual provide their own cakes, ale, chalice and athame to perform the rite themselves at home. Again, it was an energy thing. Not the same.

Don’t get me wrong! I was glad to at least be able to connect over Zoom! We gave each other updates and cheered each other up, and that was a good thing.

But now I’m so grateful I have my coven mates to gather with in person to hold our rituals and other exchanges. Even if you are a solitary pagan you might enjoy attending a public ritual now and then where you can join heart to heart, and hand to hand. Being part of the tribe could be good for awhile. Circle on, my magickal friends!

Bright Blessings,


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