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Finding the Elements That Will Enhance Your Life

The elements make up our world. We rely on them for staying alive and for working with energy in whatever way we choose. In western paganism there are four elements: earth, air, fire and water. In the Chinese system there are five elements: earth, wood, fire, water and metal. If you have studied Chinese astrology, feng shuy or Chinese health and nutrition you will have heard of their five element system.  I don’t really see any real conflict between the western system and the Chinese system. Both systems are valid and even complement each other in some instances.

The Chinese believe you should find those elements and their associations that will enhance your life based on your date and time of birth as well as your gender. I am inclined to believe that working with certain elements is a really great way to benefit your health as well as the energy work you do. For the longest time, however, I struggled with what the different systems told me I should have as a “lucky element”. I have always loved the ocean. I have a thing about mermaids and sea animals and since we moved to Texas from California I have missed the ocean so much. I love lakes and ponds and even impulsively dug a pond in my backyard one day just to be able to be near water. So why did all the different systems tell me I needed earth as my lucky element??? I decided to dig deeper to see what the deal was. I am a double fire sign with the sun and moon both in fire signs (I like fire..lots of candles in my home…fire pit in the yard…like the color red) so fire seemed to fit ok. But water…hmmm…one planet in a water sign. Very low on water in my horoscope except  that my sun and moon were in water houses (the 8th and the 12th). OK, so that might explain it somewhat. I still wanted to know more about why I had this strong connection with water.

Yesterday I remembered that there can be different ways of figuring out the Chinese lucky elements depending on who you are talking to so I decided to visit my friend Google and see what I could find out. I found a website that not only told how they figured the beneficial elements, but I finally found out why I was so drawn to water and fire. Yep, both of those elements are lucky for me. The website explained that I am, indeed, a metal person (which I knew) but I am a STRONG metal person. Since I am strong in that element I need elements that will reduce my metal or I’ll overdose on metal…who knew? Water and fire reduce metal. Yay! Now I know that my surrounding myself with candles and mermaids is a good thing! I knew it was, but wanted to know why. That’s how I am. You can be a weak metal person and then your lucky elements would indeed be earth and metal.

Want to find out your lucky element? Here is the link to that free website I mentioned:  http://www.geomancy.net/reports/free-report/freerpt-element.htm

The elements affect us whether we like it or not, so finding the colors and even the occupations and foods that will make us healthy and happy is worth looking into. Your best element could even tell you what kind of energy or even dieties you should work with in the most beneficial way and start you down a whole new path of study.



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